Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to take driving lessons?

Once you have received your L license, we recommend you get started as soon as possible. Professional training is essential for mastering the basics, which reduces the risks associated with practicing with an untrained supervisor who lacks dual controls. Once the basics are in place, practice as much as you can and complete a few lessons with one of our instructors. To fine-tune skills and eliminate bad habits, we recommend a few more lessons halfway through the Learner period.

How do I book my driving test?

When you are ready, Art Of Driving School Darwin will arrange a test booking for you or you can directly contact with examiner to arrange your practical test.

How many lessons will I need to learn to drive?

This depends on the individual, as every student has different abilities, needs, levels of experience and different opportunities to practice. Be aware of anyone who “quotes” a number of lessons over the phone as it is impossible, without first assessing your current skill levels. Once one of our Driving Instructors have assessed your current skill level, ability and have ascertained how much practice you can obtain between lessons, we will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.
Please keep in mind that you can never have too many lessons as the more professional training you have then the safer you will become prior to going solo.

Should I learn to drive in an automatic or manual car?

The decision to learn in an automatic transmission or a manual car depends upon many factors including personal choice, skill level, confidence and the cars you are able to practice in. It is important to be aware however, that in city if you gain your licence in an automatic car; you are not permitted to drive a manual until you successfully pass a practical test with City Transport, in a manual vehicle.

When will I be ready to go for the practical test?

This timeframe will vary for absolutely every student. You are ready for the practical driving test when you can drive confidently and consistently without the help of your driving instructor. As you are getting closer, your Instructor will run you through a mock test to demonstrate what stage you are up to.

Why do I need to practice my driving?

Driving involves combining theory with physical skills and judgement. Practice is essential and the more practice you have, the less number of professional driving lessons you may require to be at the standard required to pass the test. Practice is vital and the requirement is that a new driver has 100 hours of log book experience prior to sitting for their practical driving test.