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Practical Driving Test in Gunn, Palmerston

Gain the Driving Skills Like A Pro and Succeed Your Driving Test

With the driving skills to succeed, you are unstoppable. With us, you are closer to your dreams. A highly rewarding milestone for every learner driver is qualifying for the driving test. Get ready and prepare for your driving test with Art of Driving School Darwin. We are mostly recommended for driving tests in Gunn, Palmerston.
We understand feeling nervous is normal when you are getting ready for the upcoming driving rest. So, it is better to prepare with a driving instructor from our driving school. Our driving test lessons cover the preliminary assessments for determining our learners’ skill sets. We shall even provide a warm-up driving lesson before you arrive for the test so we can review your basics and approach the driving test with confidence.

Talk to us to know when you can book your tests. Arriving 15 minutes before the test is important for the safety check of your car as well as to complete the essential paperwork. Keep us informed if you wish to use our car for your driving test. We have to look into it so that your booking does not overlap with another trainee’s student lesson.
Remove All Your Worries And Pass Your Driving Test With Confidence
We know it the Driving Test day is not easy for everyone – to most it is stressful! Hence, we have developed a Pre-Test Day brush-up where everything is covered for you, including :

  • Warm-up lessons for 1 hour
  • Paperwork processing assistance
  • Using the manual vehicle for the test duration
  • Attending the post-test debrief
  • Assistance with license issuing

Eligibility To Appear For the Practical Driving Test

These are the general rules applicable to determine whether the learner has the eligibility to attend the driving test on the day booked:

  • Should be 16 years or above
  • Should retain their learner’s license
  • Students above 25 years old, or the ones holding overseas licenses can directly apply for a driving test and license
  • Have to pass the Hazard Perception Test first to take the practical driving test.

Start Learning Today To Pass Your Driving Test.

As long as we are there to assist you, you need not fear passing the driving test. You are indeed nearer to your dream. Just don’t lose your confidence. Talk to us and we shall help you in every rope.

We are Here to Help You Pass the Driving Test in Gray, Palmerston

Don’t let the Driving Test in Gunn, Palmerston intimidate you. Trust Art of Driving School Darwin to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to ace the test. Book your driving lessons today by calling us now, and take the first step towards becoming a confident and responsible driver. Contact us now and let’s start your driving journey together!

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