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How Important Is a Safe Driving Course To Beginner Drivers?

How Important Is a Safe Driving Course To Beginner Drivers?

How Important Is a Safe Driving Course To Beginner Drivers?
06 November, 2023

Achieving a driver’s license in Darwin is a journey of completing several steps. To progress significantly to a complete, legal and unrestricted driving license, drivers need to have patience and tick off all the boxes on the mandatory checklist. The Safe Driving course has thus been streamlined for eligible drivers who are serious about accelerating the process while training themselves in valuable skills such as low-risk driving. The safe driving course is a legal take-up in Darwin to gain a driving license.

Who Are Eligible For Taking Up the Safe Driving Course?

In Darwin, beginner drivers should at least reach 16 years of age to undertake the specified hours of supervised driving training under the guidance of instructors. Before moving onto sitting for the Hazard Perception Test, the trainees also have to take night driving lessons to receive a provisional license.
Beginner drives of 16 years, should hold their license for at least 12 months to secure their position to be allowed to sit for a driving test for the provisional license stage. Next, they should have their provisional license and hold it for 10 months before they take attempts to the Hazard Perception Test.
It is very important to complete 50 log book driving hours under the supervision of driving instructors or trainers, as is the motto of the Safe Driving Course. In turn, it helps to enhance safer driving skills that guide you to discover the faster route to the next licensing stage.

The Marked Benefits of Safe Driving Course

Maybe because of their age and excitement of sitting before the steering wheel, the young drivers belonging to the 16 – 25 years age group are more likely to get involved in rash driving and meet with road crashes or incidents. Fatal crashes are mostly done by this age group, as well as ¼ of speeding drivers and riders. Sadly, most are males.
Hence, all drivers aged 16 – 25 years, should take the Safe Driving course lessons to learn all the essential safer driving strategies which include –
· Speed Management
· Hazard Perception
· Night Driving
· No Drunk Driving
· General Lifestyle Pressures

Ultimately, once they complete the Safe Driving Course, they become trained and prepared for driving without supervision, using their provisional licenses. Moreover, when a driver Beginner completes the Safe Driving Course, then he/she gains 20 hours of credit in his/her Beginner logbook.

Each module designed for a complete Safe Driving Course is coached by a licensed driving instructor. The Beginner drivers are required to complete the lessons so they can gain valuable theoretical information and practical application tips. Next onwards, putting into practice becomes easier since the trainees now know how to prevent accidents and stay safe from the associated risks.

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