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Overseas Licence Holders
Overseas Licence Holders

Overseas Licence Holders

Driving always gives a sense of independence and freedom. Imagine if you depend on your friend or public transport for your daily movement, then how pleasant will it be? Or are they available every time you need them? The answer will be negative. So, as a grown-up, you definitely can understand the importance of learning how to drive and having a driving license.

If you know how to drive and also have a driving license, then it’s definitely an addition to your freedom. But what if you move to another country? Shifting to another country for your job or any purpose is very common nowadays. If you are one of them and have moved to Australia from another country, it might not always be possible to get a driving license here, even if you have one in your country.

Why Overseas Licence Holder Choose Art Of Driving School Darwin?

Getting a driving license is not very easy in Australia. It’s because there are some different approaches, rules, and regulations that might vary from your country, and you need to learn them. It depends on the country you have come from. To get an Australian driving license, you may be needed to sit a practical driving test with realistic situations in addition to the theory test. So, if you are considering sitting for the test, you might prepare to crack it on the first attempt, and Art Of Driving School Darwin is here to help you in the best possible way.

Art Of Driving School Darwin is a renowned driving school that is famous for its outstanding service. With a team of experts, we deliver you the most satisfactory service so that you can get your driving license on the first attempt. We offer various programs, and “Overseas Licence Holders” is one of them. If you move to Australia and want to hold an Australian driving license, then we are here to help you.

Our driving instructors analysis about your capability, then design lesson for you, what you need to learn, and makes you familiar with NT driving conditions and requirements. We teach you how to deal with realistic situations, and our driving supervisor always guides you and makes you capable enough so that you can be fully prepared to sit your driving test and crack it on the first attempt.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have to be at least 16 years old
  • Pass the theory test and get the learner driver licence
  • Learn to drive and practice with supervision
  • Pass the practical test and get your provisional licence
  • Upgrade to a full licence

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