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Why Learner Drivers Should Opt for Automatic Driving Lessons?

Why Learner Drivers Should Opt for Automatic Driving Lessons?

Why Learner Drivers Should Opt for Automatic Driving Lessons?
11 December, 2023

As a first-time driving learner, you are most likely to be baffled whether to enrol for automatic driving lessons or manual driving lessons. The choice might seem tricky in the beginning, so a guide could be better for your decision. Learning the driving techniques is the crucial skill that every aspirant dreams to master. Now whether to start in an automatic or manual transmission has been in question for years, and we would say starting in an automatic vehicle is good for a learner driver.

Learning to drive rewards a deep sense of freedom and opportunities to tour your city and be familiar with the routes and lanes. Embarking on this path introduces the learner drivers to be responsible for themselves. Even if at the driving schools, the trainers are ready to impart driving lessons in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles following the safety rules of Darwin City, we will let you know the benefits of choosing the automatic driving lessons. Since automatic transmission cars have risen in Darwin City, learning to drive in an absolutely stress-free state makes you a good and confident driver.

Let us now look into the advantages, benefits and reasons for getting used to automatic driving cars as first-time learners.

1. Getting Easy With Mastering the Automatic Driving Lesson
The Australian Bureau of Statistics states over 75% of new cars sold in Australia have been equipped with automatic transmission. In automatic vehicles, drivers need not manually shift gears. So, learner drivers can better focus on additional driving tasks. Taking driving lessons in automatic vehicles allows the learner drivers to concentrate on developing foundations like steering, accelerating, braking and overall awareness. Additionally, they better understand the road rules and emphasize better decision-making.
They can do it automatically by eliminating the complexity of changing gears and mastering the clutch at their early stage. Such simplicity enables the learner drivers to learn to drive quickly and with confidence. The learning experience becomes a smoother process.
Automatic driving lessons can be regarded as the gateway, and not limitations. After mastering the core principles of driving, you can easily transition to manual without feeling your nerves. Moreover, you are acquiring better skills.

2. Safety Increases and Distractions Lessons
Australian Road Safety has conducted research and stated learner drivers in automatic vehicles suffer a 20% lower crash rate. There is neither any substitute nor any alternative for safety, and automatic vehicles are best to enhance safety inherently for learner drivers.
Since gears need not be changed, distractions are potentially minimised. Hence, the learner drivers can fully focus on the roads.
Most learner drivers focus from looking to the front to looking down at the gear stick while changing up or down gears when learning to drive. A driver should be efficiently skilled at effective scanning to prevent crashes. They should watch in the direction they are travelling to avoid the risks of having a crash. Automatic cars take down the additional stress. These provide a safer learning ambience. Here is no question about stalling the engine or committing gear-shifting errors.

3. Automatic Driving Lessons Are Focused on Inclusivity
Everyone has opportunities in automatic driving lessons. Wider audiences can benefit from automatic vehicles. The reasons could be due to physical restrictions, personal preference or anxiety – driving lessons are offering a feasible solution. The lessons are tailored to individual needs for all learners, so they can all attain their dreams.

4. Higher Possibilities of Success Rates In Driving Tests
Data reveals when learner drivers in Darwin City take driving lessons in automatic vehicles, they have 10% higher chances of pass rates in driving tests. By starting with an automatic car, you can save money and time by increasing your chances of passing your driving test on your first try.

5. Reasons Why It’s Not a Good Idea to Start with a Manual
The steeper learning curve of a manual transmission frequently results in frustration and slower progress. It can be easy to lose focus on other important driving skills when trying to perfect clutch control and gear shifting. Most drivers in Australia may not find it necessary or practical to learn manual transmissions because automatic cars predominate there.

Starting driving lessons in an automatic vehicle offers numerous advantages for learner drivers in Darwin City. Benefits are clearly stated by the ease of learning to increased safety level added by higher success rates in driving tests. Trainers and instructors provide professional driving lessons in automatic vehicles, making it the preferred choice for those looking to master the art of driving. So concentrating on automatic transmission to learn driving lessons is more than a trend – we call it a practical and efficient approach to developing yourself into a responsible and skilled driver.

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